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Canon document scannersCanon Document Scanners                        

Document Management and Document Imaging systems require document scanners to scan paper documents and save them as images. 

Canon is a world leader in imaging products and solutions for the digital home and digital office environment, focusing on how we can help you to make the most of IT for your business or organisation. One of the key drivers for success in modern business is the way in which information is processed and stored. Whatever their size, organisations and companies must deal with information in a fast, efficient and secure manner. Canon's comprehensive Document Management range will enable you to do so.

Each Canon scanner is fast, reliable, durable, easy to operate and simple to maintain. All providing the time, space and money saving benefits of organising documents digitally.


       Canon DR3080c Scanners

    Canon DR3080c scanner     A3, 40 page/minute scanner, mono/colour, USB, Duplex, sheet-feed only.

  • Duplex 24-bit colour & 256-level grey scale support
  • Simplex/duplex scanning up to B4
  • Folio scanning from B4 to A3 sizes
  • User-friendly, on-screen scan panel
  • Dual Interface with SCSI 3/USB2.0
  • Bundled software: ISIS™, TWAIN drivers, CapturePerfect
  • Up to 40 pages per minute (or 80 images per minute Duplex)

The DR-3080CII provides diverse scanning options. Standard text documents can be scanned in Black & White (Binary) mode at speeds of up to 40ppm (or 80 image per minute when duplexing). If a document contains photos, Error Diffusion or 256-level Greyscale mode deliver better results. Furthermore, the DR-3080CII offers a 24-bit colour mode for either simplex or duplex scanning. Innovative technology promotes fast throughput whether you're scanning in colour or greyscale.
An on-screen 'scan panel' display enables quick and easy operation, allowing users to change settings via this virtual operation panel, even for batch separation. When simplex and duplex documents are mixed in a batch, a 'skip blank page' function automatically detects and discards blank pages. Other user-friendly features include up to 20 user-preference settings and a handy help function.
The DR-3080CII features Advanced Text Enhancement for optimising black and white images. Advanced Text Enhancement significantly improves the quality of image files derived under poor conditions, such as from documents with coloured backgrounds, with light coloured lettering, or documents filled out in pencil.
The highly evaluated document feeding capability of the DR-3080CII guarantees that you always benefit from durable, flexible and reliable paper feeding, with simplex/duplex scanning for all sizes up to B4. The DR-3080CII also features the Folio function, which has the ability to scan even larger documents (between B4 and A3 sizes). You simply fold your document in half and feed it into the scanner. The DR-3080CII will then scan both sides of the folded document and combine the two sides into a single image.
A unique 'pre-scan' mode simplifies operation and saves time when scanning a batch of documents. When viewing the image of the first page on screen you can adjust brightness and contrast and see immediate results (unlike the preview function). This setting is then applied to the rest of the batch, without having to re-scan the first page. This even works when scanning in black & white (binary) mode.


We supply document scanners from several manufacturers, including Fujitsu, Kodak, Panasonic, Xerox, Bell+Howell as well as Canon.

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